Tuesday, April 03, 2012


Last night and/or the night before I watched Ah! Wilderness! and then tonight returned to a movie I'd started to watch on TMC, Dragonwyck.

Why? you might ask should you care!

Well it is the start of spring! and both movies star Spring Byington!

Of course, the coincidence means nothing; it's just another trip over your feet moment.  But, I wasn't sure in Dragonwyck, because she has a slightly evil look; not Spring's normal sweetness.  So I had to stop and check the IMDB; sure and begorah, Magda is Spring, and vice versa.

I'm guessing Spring's persona would never really allow her to be evil (I guess I'll have to watch the end of the movie to find out...), but then again, the idea of an evil Spring is a little creepy!

There is another coincidence between Dragonwyck and Ah! Wilderness! in that both have 4th of July celebrations.  In Wilderness the kid gets drunk and stupid, and his life turns around.  In Dragonwyck the patroon gets pompous and ass-holy, and well, looks rather stupid.

I'm not sure about the history and reality of the patroon thing.  I've got to say the story indicates the dutch royalty sort of survived in America, if the english variety didn't...


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