Saturday, April 13, 2013

The Thief of My Childhood

This in general is a movie with a lot of great banter.  When Abu meets his djinn and asks for his 2nd wish, well, I wish I had the energy to copy it all here; but this I couldn't pass up:

Djinn:  And the tongue of a liar!  But he who would steal the all seeing eye from the very brow of the goddess must be neither a thief or a braggart but a hero!

The djinn did a very good job of delivering this line.  Oh, I should say, the movie is The (wonderful) Thief of Baghdad. 

Friday, April 05, 2013

The Gleam In The Eye

In the gleam of an eye,
You think you espy,
A reflection of sky,
Or perhaps the lamp on the table.
But from time to time
I think you might find,
The sparkle that lies in the depth of the eye,
Is something transcendent;
A thought or a love;
A moment of this;
A thought made of this....
Of course it's so hard to tell;
Because then this is gone,
And all that you're left is the wonder:
What was that light there reflecting?

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Uber Alle

Uber alle ich war nichts
Si tu veux,
J'etais rien,
Je n'ai chose a dire a ca;
Parc'qu'sur' toute,
J'etais rien.
Toute en suite
J'en ai plus
Uber alle ich war vraiment nichts.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Gonna Be A Goner

Gonna be a goner
That's assured.
Gonna be going,
Then'll be gone.

Gonna be a goner.
Not absurd.
All are
Or will be.

Gonna be a goner
Don't look pale.
That's the wind
That fills the sails.

Gonna be a goner,
When I grow old,
Or when I was younger.
Heaven knows.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Another Year

Another year has disappeared,
And presumably a century of million lives;
The population clock
Indicates there are 7 billion and more alive,
My calculation is,
1/70th of us have died,
Therefore a century of million lives
Have found their ends in 2012.
Per the population growth,
I'm sure,
'13 will harvest more...
Guess the number, and you win the jelly beans;
Or is it, Guess the jelly beans, and you will win the number?
Another year has disappeared,
There is no denying, so why bother lying?

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Emptiness of the Long Distance Tunnel

Play dead.

My idea is that life is just a non-euclidean tunnel through a euclidean space;
Well, one, of course, that's warped.

I'm generally coming to the conclusion that the tunnel's likely to end at dead rock.
i.e.:  there's no way out except the way you came in, for the mountain is bigger than me..

Play dead.

Monday, April 09, 2012

You never know it's true

You never know it's true,
Not unless you really do.
And unless you are a fool
And a worthless useless tool.

No, you never know it's true
Not unless it's really cruel.
Like a ferris wheel in winter
Or a black jack dealer's banter,
When you haven't had a winner
In a half of twenty hands.

And you know better,
And you know you are no bettor.
At least not when it counts.
No, you'd rather know it's true,
That there isn't half a chance,
To pull from circumstance
A better hand than this,
Even though it's lost; please, another glass of gin.