Monday, October 25, 2010

Snowcap In My Eyes

Snowcap arrived at the store and the October winds followed post haste.
Poor Alice, her walks are foreshortened by the foreshadowing storm.
Snowcap's delicious like a fire that's warm.
Don't be suspicious, there's nothing of harm.

The winter is with us with a withering charm.
My eyes are forgotten, my arms are quite long.
I wonder where with us, the lags, they belong.
Snowcap's delicious, don't forget it is strong.

Friday, October 08, 2010

That Faraway Feeling

I finished watching Val Kilmer in Kill Me Again. It took me three or four sittings. When I was done I remembered why I'd thought it would be worth the time. It has a really good ending.

A few days ago I typed wants when I meant to type once. Makes me wonder how my mind works? What filing cabinet spell checker do my hands think they're using.

Kill Me Again was the debut for a director named John Dahl. He's also credited as a co-writer. And then noted his next movie was another in a group of memorable films... Red Rock West.

When I checked up on this movie on imdb, I was mainly shocked that it was made in f*king 1989. Having just watched it, the story could've happened last year, or I guess next year. Perhaps a sign that I haven't been paying attention to the fact that Val is getting older. I remember watching him in Wonderland a year or few ago. Think I may've dignified it. Notably it was made in 2003, and yet I don't remember Kilmer being much different than what I was just watching. And then there was Spartan, ambivilently, I think this was a movie I saw with Babi... But then my memory could be playing tricks with me. I didn't think there was any way Kill Me Again couldl be 20 f*king 1 years old.

I guess you'll have to slay me.