Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Anything Unusual Here?


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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Outside of Price

The literal translation of Hors de Prix would be something like my title here. On the outer side at least. American Translation: Priceless. I'm not sure if the french were actually playing on the words Whores of Price, but this is pretty much the premise. Is a very funny movie, both in french and in english subtitles; but is also lavish. The menu prices are 180 euros, and more.... I'm not sure what the food was.... Lobsters... Croissants. Who knows what the hotels were charging. La prix de billet was $7.50. I thought while I watched this movie, I should step out to one of the fancier grocers in the neighborhood and buy a piece of cake. I should not consider the price. I should not worry about my retirement. There was such beauty in this movie.

One of the novels of my imagination is entitled: The year of living extravagantly. I fantasize that I will have such a year; after which, who cares... Hors de Prix basically compresses that year into a month(?). Ah well. Such are fantasies.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Coincidence? I think not!

... or Bunny Lake and The Zombies ...

I was watching another one of those 60's movies the other day, this one with Larry Olivier and Carol Lynley, and Keir Dullea called Bunny Lake is Missing. It starts out pretty good, Larry gives his standard emotionless performance, there's a little bit of mystery... Basically Carol Lynley has lost her daughter, but because no one ever actually sees Bunny (the daughter's name) the question is one of perhaps Carol's kookoo, and really doesn't have a daughter? Okay, so it turns into something really ridiculous, and I hated the ending and what...

But midway through, Larry and Carol are in this English pub, he's trying to convince her to eat some food along with the double shots of brandy he's feeding her. There's a news program on the TV in the pub, but when the announcement comes on about this missing child, the barman goes over and flips the channel. The channel that comes on, has some 60's rockers playing some 60's brit rock, and for a second I was wondering if perhaps the band was the Kinks. For a second I got excited. I had to run over to my computer and check on the IMDB to see whether they could tell me who they were... Turns out it was a band called the The Zombies. I decided I needed to do a little research. Turns out some album they did is actually in the number 80 spot on Rolling Stone's all time greatest. They've had a number of incarnations, including a period of time in the 80's when they reunited with nothing but 'new' members.

But then there was a blurb about how the original band sort of got back together in the early 00's and that they were still out there plugging away. So I had to find out whether perhaps they had any concerts scheduled, and voila, they have about 10-15 scheduled at various spots around the British Isle. The interesting thing though was that on all of them they're double billed with The Yardbirds. Now if you read this blog, you may note that I recently watched another movie in which The Yardbirds had a cameo roll.

How strange! I thought. What a wierd coincidence! I thought.