Tuesday, August 16, 2011

In Rubique's Rainbow

In rubique’s rainbow, under the starry light,
Bathed in moonglow,
and afterhours hues...
Shades of midnight blue,
This rainbow hovers over you.
Like lovers, she entwines,
With a voice that's so devine,
Ella would but pale, if she, herself, could not define,
Surreptitious smiles misaligned
Like a Cheshire Cat’s
In Con-nec-ti-cut.
Where a memory was once but a kiss,
It lives out its life as an unfulfilled wish;
For there is no road that will take you there.
The sky is as empty, as the night is aware
That colors are pleasantly caught in its snare,
To be freed by the morning or freed by the stars.
Or freed by the moonbeams where ever they are.
Dreamer beware, this rainbow is real,
She stands at the door, a cat with a hiss,
Pass nay,
She may say
At the end of your way.