Thursday, December 18, 2008

Lon Chaney

"We're brothers all.. my friends. Bear no ill is what we make it."

Lon Chaney as the Bishop as the Blackbird in The Blackbird. And yes, he has a notable face.

The Hummingbirds

It snowed today. And it snowed a few days ago. A few days ago there was a hummingbird who took a moment to rest on the gutter surrounding my snowy deck.

Last summer, I would sit on my deck reading and drinking beer, and otherwise amusing myself when I started to notice the hummingbirds. They flitted in the trees obstructing my view of the sound. They rise vertically you know. And seem to move in 90 degree bursts. They liked the trees in my way; and the power lines. There were at least 3 of them, well, maybe 2. But then one day it seemed like they exploded into 3 or maybe 5. They would come out at sunset, when the deck is its best.

The hummingbird on the gutter was alone; or so it seemed to me. I felt like it must be looking for food. Or maybe it really was taking a moment to rest. I'm sure the wings beating keep the blood warm. But it is very cold, you see. I'm not so sure.