Saturday, September 15, 2007

God is Sub-atomic

In the eleven dimensions of our universe the majority are not observable. I've heard that these non-observable dimensions may be curved, and as is my wont, I bethought this a little, and imagined that maybe the curvature of the double helix in our DNA is perhaps nothing more than atoms following the paths of one of these curved dimensions, and we should count this dimension as something more than non-observable. Though presumably, still unfathomable.

To those who posh-posh, intelligent design, I entreat, perhaps God is sub-atomic, and the representation of the intelligence of his design is in the atom... or perhaps god is sub-photonic, and the definition of his intelligence is in the photon. If this were so, you must admit, these accomplishments alone would dwarf any claims we have on intelligence.

I, myself, wonder if I cannot count myself as one of the largest objects in the universe. Certainly, there are large gravitational engines that suck at all of us, that make me miniscule in their enormity, but ... in the final analysis, these are nothing more than large populations of much smaller objects... atoms mostly, as molecular structure usually fails in the furnaces of the largest of these gravity engines.

When I speak of size, I refer to a size of structure. Consider the building of matter. A number of elemental objects join in a confluence of force, curving perhaps out of the photonic universe, sans temp, to form the middle men, the neutron, the proton, the electron, and these then join (or do they separate) to form this masterpiece of accomplishment, the hydrogen atom. Was there one point in time where this object stood alone as the largest structure in the universe? If so, was it merely a brief moment of glory.

From this point, structure grows essentially in 2 directions, or on 2 levels. First, again, there is the sub-atomic. More protons are brought to the party. And the neutrons and electrons arrive on time. New atomic structure mushrooms into new elements. The party gets bigger, and bigger, until at some point it reaches the wall.

But, and this, for God, must've been a quantum leap, there is a second road for structural growth ... the road of the molecule. Consider the lonely hydrogen atom floating in an emptiness of endless time, and then something steals, or should I say borrows one of its electrons. For an instance there was something different there. Would God've taken notice of the change. This, molecular congress, sharing, experiential, ... well, we were no longer alone.

And then, molecules innumerable. Well, maybe there is a number. But then 'our' molecule, DNA.... DNA, I believe is one of the longest moleules in the universe. No; I don't know. But then, the DNA built a new structure. Super-molecular it was. Certainly, it was a tumbling replication that echoed "me!".... Oh my god! And then there was "me". "Me" being only a memory of a division of something new! Something, ... well it is a new year.