Sunday, December 04, 2005

Sucka You Thumbs

Okay, yesterday I got suckered by the thumbs. I watched the Saturday morning local abc news, and Siskel and Roeper both came on and said what a 'great' movie Mr and Mrs Smith was; fun and funny. Okay, so I went to Rain City video and got a copy and tried to watch it last night. I got to say I never really got the marriage thing; so cute guy meets cute girl and that's all that's needed to get married? And if I didn't get that, then I didn't get the Mr and Mrs part of the story, which according to the title is at least half the movie. And the other half, the smith part (and not meaning to offend any smith's), well it is sort of commonplace isn't it? And that was really what I was sort of getting here; really, a road runner cartoon has about as much depth.

Sandwiched outside of this experience was Yellow Sky. I saw this was on AMC yesterday a.m. and recorded it; watched half yesterday, finished today. This was a William Augustus Wellman cowboy noir film with a young Gregory Peck (1949), Richard Widmark, Harry Morgan and a side of several good character faces, grizzly and walrus. There was one scene where Richard Widmark smiled like Mona Lisa. Twas a little wry; his eyes were vicious though. Gregory Peck, though he finally puts on a white hat, gets to play a bad guy, roughs up the babe, otherwise gives you tough face and is in his right a little scary, if not vicious... I couldn't help but think (or re-think) what a good actor Widmark was though. The cinematagraphy was by Joe MacDonald and was exceptional; very shadow and light. Otherwise this flick was also commonplace; just another Petrified Forest story. The distinction, at least in my mind's eyeball, between this and smith was what they did with it. Smith didn't need to go beyond being brad and angelina; this one made the commonplace rather memorable...