Friday, October 23, 2009

Two Shoes

I was wondering where my loafers were, when I noticed one was by the door. For a day or so, I wondered where the other'd gone to...
Then today, or so, I noticed the other was at the farthest end of the condo, by the terrace door.
I've always found loafers convenient; slip on to run outside. No laces, you know.
'Course these have their laces, they're moccasin style; or is it boat shoe? I forget which.
'still I'd wondered why, and I still do, how each had reached their locations, juxtaposed you know.
like they were arguing, pouting perhaps, had a disagreement that made them perplexed.
They don't speak to me, but at least now I know,
Where two shoes have gone to, for this moment at least,
Hopefully their soles will find some sort of peace.