Thursday, July 30, 2009

Drinking For My Father

Drinking for my father,
Or in his stead.
Place holder,
Until I'm dead.

second looeys are
full of hooey
and are stuffed with chop suey.
or is that fooey?

Drinking for my father is
my final sin.

What do the scientists say
about yesterday? Where did she go?
Who are the soothsayers that pretend to know?

I am one, I believe to pretend.
There's a cure for what ails ya'
And who could say no?

Is yesterday iight that's gone a long day away?
Is there hope that the light will come this way again?
Is the answer in a bottle, or perhaps in a djinn?
Life is quite silly; that's where you begin.
It frightens, it n'lightin's, it's made up of shade.
The soothsayer knows this; is why he's quite gay...

I am one, I pretend to believe,
I believe there's a weave to what we can see.
The mountains are hard; the oceans give way.
And yet I am hopeless and drink every day.
My three beers, my four beers, my time for deep sleep,
Waking, pretending, amazing, I find time for reading,
And yes, I like eating, and walking the dog, of course,
Oh and that chocolate, hmm, yummy chocolate!
Why do I not search for something defining?
Even when I am sure something's designing,
The web of my dreams, the web of my fears,
The web that has stopped me from shedding any tears.

I suppose the Earth will burn down to a crisp.
It's sad, you know, that all is at risk.
Such a short time we've been here,
And so quickly we've spent here.
Coin, is my meaning, not life that I'm spending,
We've spent her as though all of her twirling
were worthless. We've spent her, so why should we care?

Ah such is the curse,
The worst of the worth.
The worth of the worst,
and the word of the cursed.
Drinking for my father until the end.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A movie I will never watch

The Son of Dr. Jekyll

The blurb in the guide indicates it about a kid out to prove his da weren't looney. My thinking is it's more likely he's the child of Mr. Hyde. But of course all Mr. Hyde's tramps were probably killed, so maybe my thinking ain't straight.

In any event, if there is a never never land, maybe I'll get a chance to watch it there, but until there, I doubt I'll bother.