Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Mu(with umlaut)nchhausen

A few years ago Terry Gilliam made a Munchhausen movie.  I have vague recollections of Mork/Robbin William's Head floating around on a platter, and not really getting the movie at all.

A few nights ago Turner Classic Movies had the Nazi version of Munchhausen on...  made in '42.  This starred a gentleman named Hans Alber(?) who has an uncanny resemblance to (both literally and stylistically) to George C. Scott.  It's like he could be George's elder brother.

Like Gilliam's movie, twas a little strange.  It was fully interesting just being a real nazi and german, and what did Hitler call it?, movie, about Germany and Russia and Turkey and well, Venice; the moon and the castle.  The scenery was sometime beautific; was color.  And interesting colors. And interesting costumes, and well, interesting ways...  There were negro slaves in Turkey, but no sign of Jews...  Supposedly, a product of Goebbels, Inc.

But unlike Gilliam's movie, the history itself was sort of interesting.  Catherine the Great was something of a whore, and Turkey was filled with libidinous idiots...  (and a little Harem nudity!). There was a semblance of plot to this movie that I don't remember about Gilliam's.  The plot being basically about the history of eastern europe.  There are odd parallels when a notorious criminal Count suggests a plot to take over Poland that the Baron turns down, and another comment about how war and drama and the like are something he uses whereas the other abuses..  The Count ultimately proffers unending life as a reward for a benificence from the Baron...

Thursday, April 16, 2009

More Cuts

A few years ago, May '06 to be preciser, I posted something about 47 cuts, about Ronin, and about film editing, and about how there were 47 cuts of film, each a different angle for the camera...  This is something I'm noticing about Mickey One.  The same sense that one angle follows another, but seldom is it the same/repeated angle.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Movies on the Installment Plan

I've watched the following movies, in various and sundry installments:  Grand Central (Ibelieve) with William Holden and some very observant chick-a-dee,  Intruder in the Dust, black man white man, Faulkner,  lynch mobs with gasoline, sensitive child, black man smarter than the white men...  Coming Soon, a girls trying to, learning to, orgasm kinda flick, well chick-a-flick.  And I'm still doing Mickey One.  The latter is actually a joke on me.  Maybe someday can tell that story.