Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Plum Crazy

I think I may be going plum crazy. I walked into Fred Meyer last night and the first thing I saw were two bins of black organic plums. I walked up to them. They were a $1.49 a pound. For a moment there, I thought I was in heaven. They were all very black, very firm. All summer long I have been dying for plums. I have a photograph of black grapes and one black plum. I'm sure that twice a week or more I've gone to stores looking for plums or grapes. I bought the black grapes at Costco. And they looked so akin to the black plum...

I have 2 of them in the kitchen right now. I keep wandering in there, looking at them. I'm sure 3 have passed into my digestive system since this morning. One last night. The 2 bins scared me so much, I told myself I had to limit myself, and so only 6 of the poor devils found their way into my plastic bag. The 3 I have eaten so far have all been perfect. They sort of come apart when I twist them, but they don't necessarily part at the pit. It takes uncommon strength to part them, yet I do... I keep thinking I need to go back to Fred Meyer. An opportunity is slipping slipperily out of my hands... No sale on grapes! (But Safeway had them at 78 cents a pound over the weekend...).>)