Friday, January 13, 2006

Thomas Kemper Ginger Ale

In my later years, I have become addicted to Ginger Ale. Specifically the Canada Dry Diet variety... I have tried others, Schwepps, Safeway brand... none of which are worth a shout...

Now, the other day I was in the ole store and I saw Thomas Kemper Ginger Ale on the shelf, and in a manic state, I decided I had to go and buy that... With trembling fingers I later opened the bottle and poured it over rocks of ice... I raised it to my lips in unguentary anticipation... and... blech! yuck! ya-wowzee! what the hell was that? All I can say is, I must of known I was insane when I bought the stuff, cuz instead of buying 6 bottles, I swapped out 2 for TK Root Beer. The root beer's okay, but otherwise, I have 3 bottles of TK Ginger Ale (or should I say 'Ail') in my fridge if anybody wants 'em.